What is GBMCE?

GBMCE was found ed in 2023. It is operated by Guangzhou Bish Manufacturing Import & Export Co.,Ltd With the mission to facilitate global trade worldwide buyers from Chinese   suppliers

Does GBMCE supply or sell products?

GBMCE does not sell products. All products on GBMCE are provided by supplier members. We provide buy services for all global buyers, such as qualified supplier matching, verifying suppliers, assisting in online match meetings, and providing secured trading services during trading process

Does GBMCE provide shipping services?

If suppliers you work with are using our comprehensive foreign trade services, we can offer shipping services

What is Secured Trading Service?

GBMCE, as the independent trusted third party, It would conditional on the receipt of shipping and other documents like packing list, inspection report agreed in the contract holds and disburses the payment dependently on the fulfillment of agreements by both seller and buyer

How can I reduce trade risks during business?

GBMCE would like to remind you to pay special attention to trade safety. The suggested business process is as follows: sign a formal contract or Proforma Invoice before payment, check the bank account during payment, apply for loading supervision service after payment, etc

How can I register on GBMCE?

You can register as our buyer member by clicking join Free

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