Lithium Battery Pack Assembly Plants

11/14/2021 1:43:00 PM

Lithium Battery Pack Assembly Plants

Lithium Battery Pack Assembly Plants

Electric Vehicle battery production process

we push innovation to handle the leading-edge material inspection and assembly solutions to realize high-performance

processes at every stage in the electric vehicle battery production process.

We combine inspection and assembly technologies with quality assurance and error proofing to create smart connected assembly solutions that realize the vision of Industry 4.0 and drive innovation.

Different types of battery cells, such as as cylindric cells, prismatic cells, or pouch cells, influence the production process.

Battery weight needs to be reduced significantly and production processes need to be optimized and globally scalable. In addition, the overall design is constantly adapting due to changes in products and available resources.


Innovative, safe and efficient assembly process solutions –

Discover how we support your EV battery production process

Many new and  exist ing application challenges need to be solved in the production process of electric vehicles, batteries, and powertrains. For efficient production, you need to implement several technologies in join ing, error-proofing, and quality assurance technologies to meet customers' expectations.

Essential in an efficient process is the availability of fast and accurate assembly tools and dispensing systems that ensure consistent bubble-free application, together with riveting systems that can securely join mixed materials without damage and flow drilling to create reversible secure join ts where there is only one-sided access.

To complement these, error-proofing with process control delivers "right-first-time" production and quality assurance including calibration, measurement, and reporting make sure that faults are fixed cost-effectively and every assembly is fully traceable.

from cell production to final assembly – GBMC is your innovation partner for electric vehicle battery production and data driven process improvement




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