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 Auto & Ind Greases Auto & Ind Greases Auto & Ind Greases
In regards to grease and its application, there are critical elements used in the formulation process that must be considered. These elements include the thickener type and concentration, lubricant type, viscosity and additive package.
4/28/2023 10:31:40 PM
  Gas Generators  Gas Generators Gas Generators
Ranging from 100 to 4,500 ekW (100 to 4,500 kVA) in a single unit, our gas generator sets are easy to  select, permit and install.
4/28/2023 10:26:58 PM
 Carbon Steel Carbon Steel Carbon Steel
The automotive sector is comprised of a vast array of products and applications – each of which has its own specific demands and unique requirements. from medium carbon to Cr-V alloyed, Nb alloyed and Cr alloyed grades, our portfolio of carbon steel solutions is ready to meet all your automotive application needs.
4/28/2023 10:18:13 PM
  Stainless Steel  Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
The company's products include steel plate, galvanized sheet/coil, color coated coil, stainless steel plate/coil, nickel base alloy plate, wear plate, weather plate and other products.
4/28/2023 10:04:00 PM
 EV Battery EV Battery EV Battery
Battery-electric cars don’t use any gasoline, but instead run solely on electricity stored in a battery pack that energizes one or more electric motors and produces zero tailpipe emissions. These cars can be charged most anywhere, anytime and usually at a much lower cost than fueling with gasoline. Their driving ranges on a full charge vary widely from about 100 to more than 500 miles, with considerably higher ranged electric cars coming soon.
11/16/2021 4:27:18 PM

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