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Energy generation&distribution

Energy generation


Energy generation and distribution – sustainable technologies for a better future

How can we manage energy responsibly? and how can we develop renewable energy sources?

Our engineering capabilities for these global challenges are focused in the Materials Services. We work continuously on innovative solutions for the production, transportation, storage, and transformation of renewable and fossil energies.

Intelligent materials clearly play a key role in this. They have to meet high technical requirements in terms of temperature, pressure resistance, and surface resistance. X-COR® steels are a prime example. These sour gas-resistant materials are used in storage boilers and pressure vessels for hydrogen sulfide-bearing gases.

Wind energy is another key strength of GBMC. Our slewing bearings are the ideal choice for wind turbines. With our unique know-how we cater precisely to local requirements. Nine out of ten wind turbine manufacturers rely on GBMC components such as slewing bearings and rings. These components are also used in solar, tidal, and marine current power plants.

Electricity from renewable sources is fueling demand for energy storage systems.

from power generation (generators) to the consumption (electric motors and appliances) of electrical energy in the electrical components industry.

Wind energy is another key strength.
Electricity from renewable sources is fueling demand for energy storage systems. We are developing technologies further.

All this makes GBMC a valued and reliable partner to the energy generation and distribution industry.

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